2015 Nonprofit Capacity Conference in Review

Neal Henderson Speaking at the 2015 Nonprofit Capacity Conference in Crystal City, VA

Neal Henderson Speaking at the 2015 Nonprofit Capacity Conference in Crystal City, VA

The Front Row Performance Coaching (FRPC) team was privileged to participate in this year’s Nonprofit Capacity Conference. It was as perfect as an event can unfold, which was due to the hard work and tireless efforts of Rachael Gains and Dr. Liz Scott.

The conference, which is the brainchild of Dr. Scott, celebrated its 3rd year with an amazing slate of speakers, topics for discussion, exhibitors and participants. We enjoyed our conversation with everyone that stopped by our table.

My personal highlights were presenting “Engaging and Maximizing the Efforts of Your Volunteers” and listening to the three keynote speakers. The speakers captured the focus and energy of the conference.

Mary Agee kicked off the day by reminding us everyone is a leader, and that when we lead, our organizations and communities benefit.

Sandra Crowe helped the audience practice body positioning and poses that help increase self-confidence. She reminded us that we can use these poses and the corresponding confidence boost when having difficult conversations.

Closing out the conference, Eric Peterson did a wonderful job of highlighting biases we unconsciously default to. With greater awareness of these biases, we are able to make better decisions or take better actions.

There were many conference door prizes. I am pleased to announce Sylvia Benatti, Roxanne Camara, and Kelly Cox won Workplace Stars ORG360 Employee Engagement Surveys donated by FRPC, and Paula Boland was selected to receive a full professional coaching program from FRPC. Congratulations to all of our winners.

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