What makes a successful organization?

What makes up a successful organization? When you think of a successful organization, what are the words that come to mind?

Good strategy? Top notch performance? Creative marketing? Happy customers? Innovative products and services?

All of these things – strategy, performance, marketing, customer service, innovation – are just the tip of the organizational iceberg. These are all the things that people see.

In my opinion, all these things are a lagging indicator of the health of an organization. We talked about transparency and people, but where I see the underlying part of that iceberg is the people – engaged people – and a winning culture.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “culture eats strategy for breakfast”? Peter Drucker is attributed to saying that. But if you want to move your organization forward and the culture isn’t set up well, even the best crafted strategy will never happen.

In the upcoming set of blog posts, I will look at the huge roles that engagement and culture play in creating a healthy, successful organization, and discuss some strategies you can employ in your own organization to get you closer to that goal. Watch this space!

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