Lessons from the Rugby Pitch

In just a few days, on November 1st, the United States Eagles, our national rugby team, will take on the New Zealand All Blacks in an international rugby test match. The All Blacks, which is the national rugby team, is inarguably the most dominant team of any sport from any era. Over the past 100…

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Feedback: The essential component for growth

Feedback. The mere idea of it makes many people cringe – an almost universal reaction for both managers and employees alike. Although it’s a necessary component of professional and personal growth, it’s also unfortunately associated with negative information and/or judgments.

There are many kinds of feedback. Ken Blanchard, who says that “feedback is the breakfast of champions”, uses the analogy of a bowler who can’t see the pins to demonstrate how visual feedback helps that person know where to throw the ball. Seeing; hearing; feeling; these are all types of feedback that are vital to our lives and don’t typically induce anxiety. Others do.

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