Front Row Performance Coaching (FRPC) is a premier, performance improvement consulting firm for individuals, social and commercial enterprises, and non-profits seeking to develop their employees and increase their organizational effectiveness. Using targeted strategies rooted in organizational development and knowledge management practices, FRPC will unleash your employees’ capabilities to help them achieve personal and professional successes.

Businesses and social impact organizations utilize FRPC’s expertise for organizational development, coaching, and talent management services at the macro level to identify internal challenges or processes that hinder improved performance and communication, and then provide trainings that will move your entire group forward, together. This includes cultivating leaders who are trained in the basics of management and effective communication, as well as identifying your company’s core values to help staff coalesce as a team and in line with your mission and goals. [See here for a list of applicable NAISC and SIC codes.]

FRPC provides professional development, life, career transition, and executive coaching to individuals (either independent professionals or a company’s employees) that identifies one’s goals, aspirations and communication styles. Meetings focus on uncovering the strengths, the professional ambitions, and/or the managerial skills that will make people effective leaders, and then supporting them as they implement these life-changing actions.

Coaching can also be done with small groups, aka “Learning Teams.” FRPC works in-person with clients in the DC-metro area, and via virtual meetings, emails and telephone for clients outside the region. Our clients include young professionals, emerging leaders, aspiring managers, and people seeking guidance to redefine and attain their life’s goals.

FRPC is committed to positive change. A company’s success depends as much upon the high quality of its products and services as it does on the high quality of its employees. Winning teams depend upon people who support each other, who love what they do, and who work together towards a common goal. With FRPC as your coach, you will get more than just skilled employees; you will acquire dedicated teammates.

We look forward to helping our clients achieve their ultimate successes, as it is our privilege to serve you. To learn more, please see our Mission, Vision, and Core Values and Client Bill of Rights.