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Today’s hurried, complex and complicated workplace has many people wondering what is next. Are you…

  • Making a transition from one career to another?
  • Frustrated with your progress toward a new career?
  • Losing confidence in your skills and abilities?
  • Experiencing conflict with supervisors, co-workers, or family?

If any of the above applies to you, this free session is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Through using a proven, guided coaching program you will learn the tools and techniques to develop a lifetime approach to success. Working with Neal as your coach, you will:

  • Articulate a meaningful purpose and vision to guide your actions
  • Uncover your values, skills, and interests
  • Commit to specific choices and track your progress
  • Overcome obstacles and achieve a balanced, fulfilling, and successful life

Not many people have experienced having a coach. This free one-hour coaching experience will provide you with a taste of coaching, to allow you to experience the power of coaching and learn the program details and commitments.

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