FRPC provides executive and professional development, life, and career transition coaching to individuals, identifying your goals, aspirations and communication styles. Meetings focus on uncovering the strengths, professional ambitions, and/or the managerial skills that make effective leaders, and then supporting them as they implement these life-changing actions.

Team Coaching transforms loosely-grouped employees into cohesive, dynamic and effective High Performance teams. Successful companies are not comprised of solo actors; winning teams elevate the group above the individual.
Executive Coaching & Emerging Leader Development is an investment in the personal and professional development of your organization’s leaders. FRPC’s Development Coaching programs enable increasing self-awareness, understanding of one’s personal interactions, along with learning leadership and influencing behaviors. Programs are conducted either in one-on-one or in small group meetings.
Leadership & Management Coaching is for new managers and supervisors, or those taking on increased responsibilities. FRPC helps create a safe environment to develop increased self-awareness, uncover hidden potential, and learn effective leadership techniques. You can expect to improve your interpersonal communication skills, learn to identify and solve performance issues, observe exceptional employees for promotion, and create a reward system for jobs well done.
Life Coaching helps individuals identify both life goals and the actions necessary reach those goals. Through a one-on-one relationship with a coach, clients will define their priorities and take the appropriate steps to bring them to a new level of personal and professional happiness.
Career Transition Coaching gives you and your employees the tools you need to take control of your career paths. Whether transitioning to a new field or seeking advancement with a current employer, participants will crystallize goals, learn how to effectively promote skills and accomplishments to key decision makers, and ultimately attain ideal professional positions.