Workshop materials, hand-outs and slide presentations are available after the event. If materials you are interested in are not available, please contact FRPC.

Professional Continuing Education: PMI — Critical Thinking for Effective Problem Solving

What makes a project manager successful? When faced with a challenge, they do not wait for solutions to fall out of the sky. They dive in, and work to understand the challenge, how it impacts their project, then create a solution. As you move up from Project Manager to Program Manager, taking on new responsibilities, you will confront increasingly complex and seemingly impossible, even “wicked” problems. To solve these ambiguous, “wicked” problems, you will need to leverage Critical Thinking, a methodology for organizing, then analyzing and evaluating critical information, too increase your problem solving effectiveness. In this interactive, hands-on workshop, you will:

  • Recognize what critical thinking is and why it’s essential for effective problem solving
  • Determine the most effective problem-solving approach for different types of problems
  • Apply inquiry-based approaches to improve your problem-solving skills
  • Apply critical thinking tools and processes to solve problems more effectively
  • Plan how you can improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Bring your toughest problems to this workshop and walk out with ideas for solutions.

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Professional Continuing Education: PMI — Next-Level Leadership: Moving from Tactical to Strategic Leadership Positions

Congratulations! You have just been promoted. With every level you move up, your impact and influence on the organization grows significantly. Making the leap up the management chain requires you to develop more advanced managerial, leadership, and organizational skills, while using your current toolbox in different ways. This one-day interactive, hands-on workshop will enable you to:

  • Recognize the different roles and expectations for leaders at different organizational levels
  • Navigate organizational complexity to maximize your team’s results
  • Apply Strength-Based Leadership principles to create, inspire, and lead high-performing teams

Leaders from all organizational levels, if you’re interested in preparing for more demanding positions, this workshop is for you.

Topics to be covered include:

  1. Leadership and Management: What are the different roles and expectations for leaders at different levels of the organization? What leadership skills do I need to develop to succeed at the next level of leadership? How can I impact retention and engagement at my level of leadership?
  2. Organizational Dynamics: How do I navigate the complexities of organizational structure and culture to get things done in my organization? How do I handle higher-level decisions with which I do not agree or which may compromise my ethical principles? How do I communicate effectively both up and down the management chain?
  3. Creating and Leading High-performing Teams: How do I establish an effective team, encouraging engagement and innovative thinking? How do I address team dysfunctions? How do I manage virtual, dispersed teams?

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